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How to Gain Value from a Luxurious Used Rolex in Honolulu

Many delights shine around the islands of Hawaii: the eternally shining sun on pineapple plantations, the sparkle of the blue Pacific off Waikiki Beach, and the golden glint of a new or used Rolex in Honolulu.

Can you even tell if the watch around that classy guy’s hand is newly minted off a jewelry store or used? Here are some benefits of buying used Rolex.

Price Savings

The money savings stands out as the most obvious reason for buying a used Rolex. Just like an automobile or the latest flat-screen TV, the value of a new watch purchase goes down the second it’s bought.

The price will depreciate, typically by 10 percent in just those first few minutes and more after that.The watch may remain in mint and untouched condition. But nobody will buy it for the original price because it’s considered used.

To avoid this sudden price plunge, spend your hard-earned money on a used Rolex. The original owner takes the price drop even though you’re the one who eventually enjoys the piece.

In addition, the lower cost may enable you to use the same amount of money you would’ve spent on a new timepiece to get a more luxurious used watch.


You’re used to buying everything from new clothes to the latest TV from the convenience on the Internet. So you’re assuming you can do the same with a Rolex. Before you go searching for one through Google, read this official policy from the Rolex website:

To ensure authenticity, genuine Rolex products are sold exclusively through Official Rolex Retailers. Rolex does not sell watches directly from the Website and cannot ensure the authenticity of watches sold online.

Keep this in mind if you stumble on purported sellers of new Rolexes online. They may be perfectly honest and above-board in their dealings but they are operating outside of the manufacturer’s mandate. As such, there’s no guarantee of what you’re getting since Rolex only sells new watches face-to-face through authorized dealers.

Going to a sanctioned brick-and-mortar store isn’t much of an issue, if you live near such an establishment. But what if you live far away from one? And what if you don’t want to face high-pressure tactics from a salesperson or are just simply too busy to spend the time to physically go shopping. Your only option then is to buy from an unofficial online site or do without.

If you want the convenience of web buying without violating the manufacturer’s missives, you can buy a used Rolex. Nobody will bother you. You can leisurely take your time browsing the offerings and even narrow down your choices through high-tech searches and sorting.

If you have questions, email is available. After you click the Buy button, the watch is delivered safely to your door. You don’t have to worry about a thief shadowing you from the store. In fact, nobody other than the website will know you bought the Rolex until you’re ready to show it off at an important event.

An online purchase also saves you money by eliminating the sales tax. Of course, the dealer must be operating from the state in which you do not reside. Think about how the lack of sales tax puts cash in your pocket that you can use to buy more watch than you originally thought you could afford.

Return on Investment

After the initial depreciation, a used Rolex watch typically holds its value unlike other types of timepieces that may continue to go down in price.

Certain models have historically proven to appreciate, such as the Submariners, the Datejusts, or the GMT Masters because they remain highly collectible and their vintage versions are no longer being made. If, got forbid, you need to sell your watch, you may get what you paid for it, if not more, depending on how long you’ve held it.

Keep in mind that these timepieces are hand-assembled of high-quality materials before being rigorously tested. It takes about a year to craft each piece.

With such craftsmanship behind it, a Rolex can last for generations, allowing you to pass on this ever-more-valuable investment to your children or grandchildren.

Even if the watch is slightly damaged, a relatively inexpensive repair is worth considering to bring the value back up.

Wider Selection

When you’ve initially decided on a particular model of a new Rolex, you may walk into your closest authorized dealer expecting to see the timepiece and try it on for size. Unfortunately, a dealer does not have the space to carry every Rolex currently in production.

So you’re restricted to buying only what’s in the case, which is limited depending on the size of the dealer. If that model is not available, you’ll either have to search for it by spending the time to traveling to other dealers or settle for a different offering.

With a used Rolex, you suffer no such disappointments. On the web, you can locate the exact model that you want by simply typing it into a search engine. If the watch initially does not appear in the search results, you can still browse dealer web pages.

The only limitation you face is the speed by which you can scroll with a mouse or type a new dealer URL into the address bar. You literally have hundreds of selections you can choose from.

What to Buy

Your personal preference backed by online research is the key to selecting a used Rolex that you will value. There is no shortage of online sites that discuss the finer points of watch selection, starting with the web pages of the manufacturer.

The amount of information, as well as the number of models available, may be a bit daunting to a novice. You can start your journey into Rolex expertise by checking out the brief history and description of the following models.


As the name implies, this sports watch is designed to be taken underwater at depths ranging from 300 feet for early models to about 1,000 feet for modern versions. This model arguably stands out as the most popular used Rolex because of its relatively affordable price of around $7,000, ruggedness, and ability to be worn with everything from jeans and a t-shirt to a tuxedo. It has been in production since its formal introduction at the Basel Watch Fair of 1953. The Submariner is also a movie star, having appeared in numerous James Bond movies, starting with the Reference 6538 worn by Sean Connery in his first four portrayals.


The original series of this diverse chronograph was manufactured from 1963 to the late 1980s with a manual-winding movement and was inspired by the racing world. Highly popular, the original series remains hard to find, prompting the introduction of the second series in 1988.

This version is distinguished by its Zenith El Primero automatic movement. The third series, which appeared in 2000, includes a self-winding chronometer with a chronograph complication.

Versions with the Paul Newman dial are considered the rarest Daytonas at References 6239 and 6241 through 6265. The differences between models may be difficult to detect, particularly for beginning collectors.

These timepieces are extremely rare and highly collectible, usually bringing in high prices at auction. In October 2017, a Reference 6239 Daytona that was once owned by Paul Newman brought in $17.75 million.

Datejust and Datejust II

If you’re looking for a used Rolex to flash at a dressier affair, the Oyster Perpetual Datejust is instantly recognizable from its fluted bezel. In 1945, it became the first self-winding waterproof wristwatch to show a date in a small window on the dial.

To make that indicator more visible, the magnifying Cyclops eye was added in 1954. With its smaller size, the first Rolex targeted to women, the Lady Datejust, appeared in 1957.

To acknowledge the addition of an updated caliber 3136 movement, the Oyster Perpetual Datejust II was released in 2009. This version features high-performance Paraflex shock absorbers to guard against shocks and other extreme external conditions.


In 1956, the Rolex Day-Date became the first wristwatch to show both the date and day of the week in a window on the dial. Because a version was worn by US President Eisenhower, this model received the nickname “President.” It was available only in platinum or 18-carat gold. In 2008, the larger Day-Date II came out in white, rose, and yellow gold.

GMT Master and Master II

When flying became a popular way to get around for the well-heeled general traveler, Pan-am asked Rolex to develop a watch that could display multiple time zones simultaneously. So, in 1954, the GMT Master was released with a bezel that featured a 24-hour clock that could be rotated to a different time zone.

The two-tone bezel separated daytime and nighttime hours. The first versions featured a bakelite bezel. This material cracked easily, so an aluminum bezel came out two years later.

In 1983, the GMT Master II included a movement with an independently adjustable quickset hour hand, which allows the local time to be set without impeding the second, minute, or 24-hour GMT hand.

The latest incarnation of this timepiece, which came out in 2014 at Basel world, brought back the classic Pepsi bevel in red and blue.

When you’re ready to start looking for a used Rolex in Honolulu, please check out the selection we offer at our website and click on a watch photo for a more detailed description. Then call or used our online form to set up an appointment to get your questions answered.


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